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With the massive amounts of scientific data that show our planet is warming at an alarming rate, it is clear that we are in the midst of a planetary crisis. We need to have a planet that is inhabitable to all people across the entire planet and for all generations to come. To do so, we need to behave in environmentally sustainable ways that reduce our carbon footprint and to support agencies that tackle this critical issue.

Toward that end, I have designed apparel (e.g., T-shirtshooded sweatshirts), housewareshats and bags, and other goodies to help raise money for and awareness of organizations dedicated to help fight global warming. Simply buy any product and 50% of net profits will go directly to organizations that help fight global warming. So far, my business partner and I have donated over $3000.00 to the following organizations: stopglobalwarming.org, achievenetgreen.org, ecoencore.org, nativeenergy.com and the climatetrust.org.



Proceeds donated to organizations helping to fight global warming


Friends don't let friends drive Hummers.


Planet good.
Global warming bad.

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